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You will learn how to make your website to flawlessly work on mobile devices.
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0:05 Why is mobile page speed important?
0:26 PageSpeed Insights tool
0:54 AMP
1:12 PWAs

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Mobile page speed is a factor in the mobile first algorithm, so it’s really important to do everything you can to increase your load speed. Take a minimalistic approach – look at every page asset and determine if they’re all necessary. The fewer assets you need for the page, the faster the page will load.

You should also check out the PageSpeed Insights tool from Google ( As we mentioned in earlier lessons, it doesn’t test your actual load speed, it instead looks at various best practices to give you suggestions to improve your site speed.

You’ll get separate scores for desktop and mobile, with separate recommendations for each one. You’ll want to pay special attention to the recommendations for mobile, implementing as many as you’re able.

You might also want to consider implementing AMP, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is a Google-backed project, which basically creates, pages based on stripped own HTML, that load almost instantly. It’s designed for incredible speed, because it’s focusing on text-only readability.

You should also consider PWAs, or Progressive Web Apps. PWAs are basically a hybrid of apps and websites – it’s a web application that works like an app, but you don’t have to download it from an app store. Since they run in a mobile browser, they’ll work on any mobile device.

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