Personal SEO Consultation with David Sayce

Sign up for the opportunity to be invited to the webinar broadcasting studio and have a live personal consultation with David Sayce, Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant →

Having worked with a range of international clients, from startups to enterprises, from e-commerce and retail to law firms, David has extensive expertise in website migration, development and strategy, site audits, integration of the best practices of digital marketing, and much more.
Please note:
* The format allows us to have not more than 5 guests in the broadcasting studio. If you are selected from all those who’ve registered, a member of the Semrush team will reach out to you directly. An automatic registration confirmation only lets you know that we have successfully received your application.
* Mic, camera, and headphones are required for your participation.
* If you’re not selected, you can still watch the session online and have some of your Qs answered in the live chat.
The consultation is free.

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