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The Importance of Automatization
Imagine that you want to find what SERP features your competitor has that you don’t have yet. You can use the SEMrush report for that and do it one at a time. But what if you have to repeat this process every month, or you have to repeat it across multiple competitors? We are going to learn how we can leverage the SEMrush API. It is a little bit of coding to accomplish that.

Why would you want to learn that yourself? Why would SEOs need to code other than HTML?

Let’s talk about some of the reasons:

You can do more exciting work.
You can increase your productivity.
You can gain more credibility.
You can also get job security.
Case Studies
Let me share some of the most interesting case studies that I have seen people tweeting:

Python Usage in Marketing: Case Studies
I started encouraging people to learn about Python last year, and Moshe, after spending just a couple of weeks built a fantastic log analyzer, which I was very impressed with. I learned from Matt Lacuesta that a team member from his agency built an amazing visualization from “People also ask” questions. See how cool is that? Hülya came up with a machine learning model to predict the PageSpeed score for different sites. It is incredibly, incredibly powerful stuff that is coming from the community.

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