PressPlay 2.0 video sale builder review | Demo

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Years ago, I received a $6,500 invoice for video hosting services (OUCH).

Just for hosting my marketing videos…

After that point, I was determined to figure out a way to significantly reduce or even NEVER pay for video hosting again.

Luckily for you and me – I found a way – and I’m sharing how here

Over 5,000+ marketers started using this tool called PressPlay that allows me to take any video hosted on free solutions like YouTube or Vimeo and have ULTIMATE control over it.

I’m talking about functionality like…

[+] Timed Opt-in Overlay
[+] Show/Hide control
[+] Resume Playback
[+] Auto-Pause
[+] Call To Action Buttons
[+] Share Gate
[+] YouTube, Vimeo, S3 Hosting w/ PressPlay Features
[+] Enhanced Video Analytics
[+] Dynamic Video Based on Responses
[+] Video Watermark
[+] Overlay Annotation
[+] Video Speedup – Perfect for Webinar Replays

Without paying a penny for hosting.

So whether you drive 5 visitors or 5 million – you don’t pay for that bandwidth BUT still have all of the advanced features we need as marketers.

Just copy your link into PressPlay, add the additional features you want, then copy the embed code onto your page – DONE.

Watch a quick demo of how easy it is:

Think of how much you will save in video hosting fees ALONE.

Not to mention how instantly turning your videos into Lead Magnets, Call-to-Actions, Share Gates – can boost your subscriber-list and profits.

For a short-time, the creators of PressPlay are running a special to kick-off version 2.0 of their best-selling customizable video player.

Go right now and grab your copy of PressPlay 2 before the price increases.

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To your success,


Mark Thompson
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PressPlay review
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PressPlay review

video sale builder – If you’ve been struggling to understand how to build a sales funnel, first turn it upside-down
I know how to create a sale page and I know how to add buy now button but it can’t apply coupon and can’t count buyers

Included within that diverse portfolio of work is our real estate home tour videos

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