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0:25 What are 300+ million people doing on Quora? Knowledge journey funnel
1:11 Create a Quora account, name the campaign and select objectives. Select your budget and schedule. Choose targeting — match context with audience intent!
3:29 Behavioral vs contextual audience targeting
4:19 Input KWs and find topics
4:38 Add/exclude locations
6:02 Set your bid. Review your summary
7:23 Ad Set settings checklist
8:03 Build your brand with Promoted Answers
9:01 Anatomy of an Image Ad
10:41 Bonus points for great LP experience and a few best practices. Setting up Quora Pixel
11:40 Create remarketing audiences within Quora

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First, we need to understand that there are over 300 million people coming to Quora, and what are they doing? Well, they are actively sharing knowledge; they are coming for the community; they are sharing stories, and learning about the world around them.

What you can do as an advertiser is really align your ad across that knowledge journey. So, people are coming here, and they have questions. You can align your solution across that knowledge journey. You can capture that attention when people are expressing interest, and this is across the entire funnel, from awareness all the way down to purchase, by understanding the intent that people have on Quora. Let’s get started.

The Quora Ads Platform
Head over to the Quora Ads platform. If you are not a current advertiser, you can start by creating a Quora ads account. You can go to Quora.com/business to get started the right way. No credit card required, so you can go in and start playing around. Once you are in there, we can go ahead and get you started with creating your first campaign.

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