Schema Markup Essentials

You’ve heard of Schema, structured data, rich results, semantic, so on, and so on. It can be overwhelming if you’re new to it, and it can be a lot to handle if you’re not new to it. We are joined by two of the most experienced and well-respected experts, Judith Lewis and Andrea Volpini, to dive into Schema markup essentials and discuss the most important things you need to know to successfully implement structured data on your website.
Co-hosted by Nik Ranger and Peter Mead.

00:00 – Welcome and introductions by Peter Mead
05:30 – Judith Lewis’ presentation begins (
16:23 – JSON-LD schema generator tool by Joe Hall (
19:00 – Panelists feedback and questions by Nik Ranger
28:55 – Schema plugin WordLift (
30:10 – Andrea Volpini’s presentation ( )
45:55 – Panelists discussion and audience Q&A
55:45 – Quick schema takeaway from each panelist

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