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Covered in this week’s Search Marketing Scoop show:

05:40 TOPIC 1: Google releases a broad core algorithm update, with big SERP volatility seen from the 1st to the 3rd of August

What type of sites were affected, and what can be done about it?


14:10 TOPIC 2: You can now add as many as eight custom parameters in Google Ads – and this is thanks to the October deadline to migrate to parallel tracking

What’s parallel tracking?

What’s the value for advertisers here?


18:46 TOPIC 3: Google drops its public submission feature

Google shared in a Tweet:
“We’ve had to drop the public submission feature, but we continue to welcome your submissions using the usual tool in Search Console and through sitemaps directly.”

Should every website have an XML sitemap?

How reliable is fetch and submit inside Search Console?


23:50 TOPIC 4: You’ll soon no longer have the option
to exclude all mobile apps from display campaigns

What’s happening here?


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