Semrush Brand New Style 🔥

Who’s looking so good today? It’s Semrush!
Our brand experienced a makeover, and we’re thrilled to tell you about this big & important update 🤗

🔥 The pronunciation battle is OVER. Next time you wonder how to pronounce “Semrush,” think of the simplest possible way to do that: pronounce it as one word. We believe that the more simple, the better. It was fun to watch you all debate over how to say it every single time 😂

🔥 A fireball – a symbol of fire has been at the core of our brand from day one; it stands for a spark that ignites your marketing engine and the energy that keeps it going strong! The new version of the logo uses the same concept in a more compact and friendly way 👀

🔥 New colors. Our primary brand colors are hot orange and dark indigo! We are now using an extended palette of vibrant colors to add more emotions to our visual language. Starting with our homepage, the redesign will affect all pages of our website and all Semrush products. Check it out: (use an Incognito window for witnessing the full effect) Pretty, right? 😉


#Semrush #NewSemrush

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