SEMrush Toolbox #5: Keyword Gap

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0:00 Start of Webinar

4:51 Start of general overview of the Keyword Gap Tool

5:30 Where to find Keyword Gap

6:50 Organid, Paid and PLA keyword comparison

9:44 Keyword Gap Data explained

10:30 Filters you can use

13:00 Identifying keyword opportunities

15:40 Start of Jake Bohall’s presentation

17:06 How Jake finds missed opportunities

18:20 How to pull the data onto a spreadsheet

19:35 Raw Data explained

19:40 How to fix the raw data on excel

21:00 Filtering the data for the best opportunities

23:25 How to fix data in terms of priority

24:30 “ Unlikely Terms “

28:37 Finding keywords to Attack

31:20 Protecting keywords that rank well

33:00 Potential Keywords

38:30 Outlier Keywords

44:13 Example of keywords after they have been filtered

46:16 Evaluate Performance vs a competitor

47:14 Excluding brand Terms

49:10 Head to Head Rankings

53:56 How to develop content for better rankings?

55:45 What are you doing to protect keyword rankings?

58:00 Keyword Density, is it still a thing?

1:01:32 End of webinar

Keyword Gap provides a side-by-side comparison of all of the similarities and differences between the keyword portfolios of several competing domains. This information is super beneficial to SEOs as they are constantly running competitive analyses of their target market and competitors.
Joining us will be Craig Campbell who will host the session and provide an overview of the tool. He will be followed by Jake Bohall who will show the best ways of using the report so that you can get the maximum benefit from Keyword Gap.
As always, we’ll have a Q&A session near the end of the webinar. We’ll have members of our Customer Success team who will be happy to help you with any issues you have — just use the live chat to reach out to them.

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