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In this tutorial, I am gonna show you how to find keyword cannibalization on your site and get rid of it, and it is gonna take you about 10 seconds. Let’s get into it. For me, growing up, excess was always a little bit of a theme. When your mom would say things to you like, “Ross, don’t eat too many sweets because you will ruin your appetite for dinner. Don’t sit too close to the TV because you will get squid eyes. Don’t run too fast; you will end up falling over.”

Then, of course, you become a teenager, and it is like, “Turn that music down; it is too loud. Get a haircut; your hair is too long.” They give you other advice too, which is mostly ignored. But the point is that too many opportunities create inertia in your life. If you are in the middle of a room, imagine a circular room with lots of doors around the edges, and they are all open, and they are pulling you all out in the different directions. Because they are all pulling you out, the force of each of them actually cancels each other out, and create complete inertia.

Keyword Cannibalization
Keyword cannibalization is very similar in that you have got too many URLs that rank for the same term. So what we need to do is start closing these doors, or in this case URLs, or differentiating them — getting them out of the index or optimizing them. So let me quickly just give you a real-world example first and foremost. A client of ours came to me and said, “Hey Ross, can you find some cannibalization on our big hero term?” I’m like, “Yeah, sure, no worries.”

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