SEO Bytes with Nitin – Conquer web vitals & everything around sitespeed for a great UX/SEO

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After the recent announcement from Google about web vitals, everybody wants to know what it means for them, how does the entire sitespeed topic affected by this etc. So, we decided to kick off our brand new series of webinars with this exciting topic where you can expect answer to every single question you’ve on the topic and much more. Get ready to know some secrets from the industry experts to conquer web vitals and everything around sitespeed for an amazing experience for your users and search engine bots.

0:00 Need For Speed
1:03 Jono reveals some hot topics he’s focusing on
2:08 Dawn is in love with Python
3:59 Rachel’s favorite SEO topics these days
5:45 Rachel starts with the presentation covering almost everything about the topic
7:28 How the whole site speed topic has evolved in last decade
12:10 Core web vitals and page experience
14:09 Web vitals and what we know about them so far
15:30 Key user-centric speed metrics to measure
17:55 Tips for optimizing performance going forward
26:17 How should our existing site speed optimization processes be adapted to account for these changes?
38:01 What are some site-speed tools that can help you in the whole process?
48:59 Jono’s one solution to all the issues – AMP
60:57 Goodbyes and key takeaways

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