SEO Checklist: How to Get More Traffic and Rank on Google

In this video you’ll learn how to optimize your website to get more traffic and be on top of the SEO game thanks to our checklist. ► Like this video? Subscribe!

If you are looking for an SEO checklist that will help you to increase your site’s organic traffic and rank on Google, you have just found it. This checklist can be used as a reference point for ensuring that your site, whether it’s new or already existing, is on point with the latest best-practices and that you’re not being held back by issues that you have missed.

We’ve covered 5 general areas in this video: SEO basics, KW research, Technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. You can find the whole 41-points checklist here:

00:00 Checklist intro (why do you need one?)
01:14 SEO Basics – getting the basics covered
01:30 #1. Make sure you have set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics correctly
02:30 #2 Generate and submit a sitemap
03:26 #3 Create a robots.txt file
04:06 Keyword Research – our second main area
04:08 #4 Create a keyword map
04:50 Technical SEO – the third main area
05:11 #5 Improve your site speed
05:49 #6 Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly
06:25 On-Page SEO & Content: our fourth main area
06:48 #7 Find and fix duplicate, missing and truncated title tags
07:33 #8 Find and fix duplicate, missing and truncated meta descriptions
08:16 #9 Run a Content Audit: prune, update, cannibalization
09:13 Off-Page SEO – the last main area of our checklist
09:16 #10 Analyze your competitor’s link profile
10:06 Bonus Point for Local SEO specialists: set up and optimize Google My Business
10:53 Outro

Full SEO checklist:
Guide to Google Search Console:
Guide to Google Analytics:
Top recommendations on sitemap generators and useful tips:
How to use robots.txt files for beginners:
Guide to Keyword Mapping:

Site Audit:
Google Search Console:
Google Analytics:
Backlink Gap:
Backlink Analytics:
Google Pagespeed Insights:

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