SEO for Bloggers: How To Optimize WordPress

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For transcript and extras
Why Do Website Stats Differ Between Google Analytics and Jetpack? [6:46]
Does The Genesis Framework Help SEO? [10:40]
Decreasing WordPress Page Load Time [16:35]
What Are The Best SEMrush Tools? [23:59]
How To Write Alt Tags For Images? [30:12]
Problems With Creating Too Much Thin Content and Creating Keyword Cannibalization? [33:48]
How To Change Post URLs? [41:56]
Can a Table of Contents Bring SEO Value to Posts? [45:56]
How Many Categories Should A Website Have? [53:30]
How Does Updating a Post Affect SEO? [1:01:19]
Is There Any Issue With Pulling Instagram Feeds Into A Website? [1:12:20]
How To Choose An Appropriate Website Design? [1:20:50]
Should You Have A Sidebar On The Home Page? [1:24:44]

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the World and contrary to popular belief it does not come “optimized out of the box.” As such, SEO best practices are many and vary depending on the focus and size of the blogger in question. In this live seminar learn some of the most common ways bloggers can optimize their WordPress blog to new heights from three of the most experienced WordPress site auditors in the World. Follow along with Casey Markee, Arsen Rabinovich and Shelly Fagin as they debate optimization strategy, recommended plugins, best practices (and practices to avoid), in positioning your sites and the sites of your clients competitively in a mobile-first Google world!

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