SEO with Chase: Delivering Killer SEO Campaigns

In this webinar, Chase will give you the answers to these burning questions: how do you set reasonable expectations for your client’s success? How do you get the client on board with the mid-to-long term view SEO requires? What can you do to deliver optimal results based on the expectations you set? How do you maintain your initial momentum and curate an ongoing, mutually beneficial business relationship with the client?
Hosted by Jason Barnard.

00:00 Introduction
03:33 Overview of Chase’s Presentation
05:16 The Importance of Proper Internal Linking
13:47 How Removing Content from Google Can Help Rankings
23:05 Improving Click-Through Rates from Google
29:24 SEO Enhances and Depends on Marketing Strategies
34:41 Keyword Research Tips: Analyze Competitors
40:46 Leveraging Traffic to Capture SEO Client Leads
45:06 Figure Out Where You’re Getting Traffic and What Your Visitors Want
52:48 Do These SEO Strategies Work for e-Commerce?
54:23 A Discussion on Retaining Clients in SEO
56:26 How Can You See Competitors if You Have No Traffic?
58:36 The Value of ‘Niching Down’ in Keyword Targeting

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