SEO with Chase Reiner: The Top On-Page SEO Changes for Client Success

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In this webinar, Chase Reiner and Jason Barnard are discussing how to prioritize your on-page SEO tasks to get the best results for your clients in the quickest amount of time. Chase will be sharing with you an inside look at his own SEO company, templates, and systems he has created and how they’ve led to huge results and amazing case studies.

0:00 Introduction & Topic Overview
4:32 Chase’s Success Stories: Getting Traffic with On-Page SEO
6:20 SEO Checklist: Foundational SEO and Content Strategy
10:31 Start with Analytics Checks and Web Design Checks
14:04 Technical SEO Optimizations
16:52 Optimizing CTR for Website Pages
18:11 The Importance of Opt-Ins: Building Audience Engagement
26:43 Chase’s Own Opt-In Success Story
28:00 Building Content Around Opt-Ins
31:13 Omnichannel Marketing and SEO
37:09 How Your Audience Helps You Grow
42:36 Informational Content Before Sales Content
44:50 Having a Presence on Three Platforms
46:40 Choosing and Tracking Opt-Ins
50:05 Conversion Rates for Relationships vs Sales
52:20 The Basics of an SEO Strategy
54:43 Paid Backlinks vs Building Relationships
57:05 Local Business Content Strategy
59:19 Managing Your Reputation

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