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Serenity Prime supplement review
– What is Serenity Prime?
Serenity Prime is a daily supplement designed to help consumers to improve their hearing with natural ingredients. The proprietary blend has a significant role in this supplement, making up the majority of the user’s serving.

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– What is Serenity Prime?
Keeping the body in good health is a matter of balance, and every supplement aims to support that in some way. Having a healthy sense of hearing is one such concern that may arise, considering that there are strikingly few remedies that deal with this issue. Unfortunately, if left ignored, many consumers start to experience a bothering ringing in the ears known as tinnitus.

– How does Serenity Prime work?
As explained by Adam, Serenity Prime was not created to tend to the ears because the root cause of tinnitus is not housed within our ears but in our brains! Specifically, it has been argued that tinnitus is caused by a disruption in electrical charges within the brain that are used as a means of transferring information. This disruption is reckoned as a cause of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), or simply put, waves of energy and light emitted by TVs, 5G antennas, telephones, microwaves, etc.

– The Ingredients of Serenity Prime
The Serenity Prime dietary supplement combines a mix of natural ingredients added at just the right proportion to ensure optimal potency. The key ingredients of the Serenity Prime dietary supplement include;

Calcium – A vital mineral for the bones and teeth, calcium is added to the supplement for its hearing loss healing powers.
Vitamin B6 – vitamin B6 is natural found in many foods. However, to extract enough you will have to eat large amounts of the food which isn’t very healthy. In the supplement, it is added to just the right amount. Vitamin B6 aids in strengthening the connections in the brain.
Magnesium – Magnesium is pretty essential to the body. It is packed with many benefits. In fact, magnesium plays an important role in supporting over 300 different enzyme reactions in the human body. Furthermore, magnesium improves muscle and nerve functions, regulates blood pressure, prevents hearing loss, and supports the immune system.
Melatonin – melatonin primarily helps to fight insomnia and improves overall sleep quality. However, it plays a vital role in preventing conditions like tinnitus and other ear-related conditions too.
Goji – A healthy bright orange-red berry when fresh from its shrub tree, goji has several health benefits. Also known as wolfberry, it is packed with several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It supports the kidneys and ears. Additionally, it helps to improve blood sugar levels, control weight loss, fight aging, and protect against cancer.
Chamomile – It is a known fact that chamomile is packed with hundreds of health benefits. The herbs contain compounds known as flavonoids and terpenoids too. These two compounds are also packed with medicinal properties and help to fight several ear-related conditions including tinnitus and earaches.
Lemon balm – Amongst commonly known calming herbs and mints, lemon balm is packed with benefits for the body. Some of the key benefits include improving sleep quality, reducing inflammation, and improving ear health.
Passiflora – A widely known supplemental herb, passiflora plays a significant role in treat anxiety and insomnia; improving sleep quality.

– The Benefits of Serenity Prime
Below are the health benefits of Serenity Prime, as they result from the product’s ingredients:

By consuming Serenity Prime, you can boost your health significantly by addressing the cellular damage done to the ear.
With this solution, you can retain your hearing without the likelihood of adverse side effects.
Serenity Prime is a very efficient herbal cleanser, and it does exactly what it says on the tin, which is to regenerate the cells in your ears.
This sophisticated hearing support solution helps people maintain good hearing throughout their life.
When you become older, Serenity Prime helps to silence the constant ringing in your ears, particularly when you’re over 40
This supplement will help you have healthy hearing and be protected against the impact of age-related issues with your hearing.

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