Serenity Prime Supplement Reviews: Does It Work For Hearing loss Recovery?

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Serenity Prime Ingredients
You can find plenty of tinnitus supplements sold online today that claim to eliminate tinnitus. Most of them don’t work. Tinnitus is a complicated condition typically caused by physical damage to the cells and hairs within your ears. Supplements can’t fix this damage.

However, Adam and the Serenity Prime team claim otherwise. They claim to use a unique mix of ingredients that target the real root cause of tinnitus. You can purportedly let these ingredients get to work by taking Serenity Prime daily, stopping all tinnitus symptoms within days.

Adam recommends taking Serenity Prime for several weeks or months to allow the ingredients to take effect fully. Once you’ve done that, you can purportedly avoid all future symptoms of tinnitus, permanently avoiding the ringing or whirring in your ears we associate with tinnitus.

Here are the essential ingredients in Serenity Prime and how they work, according to Adam and the Serenity Prime team:

L-Tryptophan: L-tryptophan is an amino acid linked to sleep and relaxation. It’s also the first listed ingredient in the Serenity Prime formula, which means there’s more L-tryptophan than any other ingredient. L-tryptophan plays a crucial role in relaxation. It’s the same amino acid found in turkey that makes us sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner. Many sleep aid supplements contain L-tryptophan for that reason. Others take L-tryptophan supplements daily to help defend their bodies against stress, soothe anxiety, and relax.

How Does Serenity Prime Supplement Work?
Science tells us that tinnitus is caused by physical damage to your ears. Doctors may recommend various therapies to target and reverse this physical damage. Some people experience relief from tinnitus through these therapies, while others experience tinnitus for the rest of their life.

Adam, however, claims that’s not true: the creator of Serenity Prime recommends that you forget everything you know about tinnitus. He claims big pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and medical health professionals lie to you about tinnitus. They want to prop up the multibillion-dollar hearing aid industry and to hear the drug market.

Adam claims big pharmaceutical companies are owned by “The Lord of Lies.” Big pharmaceutical companies lie to people to force them to keep buying hearing aids. Pharmaceutical companies also buy off doctors, telling doctors to tell patients there’s no known cure for tinnitus.


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