SERP Features Across 11 Countries

We are seeing a consistent rise of SERP features with a drop in CTRs: nearly 49% of Google searches currently result in no clicks. In this webinar, we will look into just how much SERP features affect SEO. Juliana Turnbull will start with a 12-month analysis of 125 million keywords across 11 international markets. Jason Barnard will follow up with data pulled from 1 million brand SERPs showing to what extent blue links have disappeared, and which SERP features you should focus on across 10 industries and 11 countries (US, UK, IE, AU, CA, AU, FR, ES, NL, IT, DE). Hosted by Victoria Olsina.

00:00 Introduction
04:41 Jo Turnbull Overview and International SERP Presentation Agenda
06:47 All About Featured Snippets
08:36 International SERP Study: Key Findings
17:31 Featured Snippet Implementation
24:17 Jason Barnard’s Brand SERP and Presentation Overview
26:11 What is a Brand SERP & Why is it Important?
27:07 Rich Elements Explained
28:26 Brand SERP Tracking and Measurement
30:04 Worldwide Brand SERPs Per Industry
35:43 Key Brand SERP Takeaways
39:20 Our Panelist’s Favorite SERP Features
43:20 Defining Entities
49:07 SERP Results Depend on Your Browser
50:48 Google’s Problem with Multi-faceted Knowledge Panels
56:03 Is the Product the Entity for eCommerce Websites?

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