Show Me The Links 2.1: Live chat and Q&A with the best link builders in the business

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3:04 Can you rank well locally without local links?

4:03 How do you make your outreach stand out considering all the emails we’re all getting every day?

10:48 Does anyone use Pitchbox or Buzzstream?

13:46 Is it more important to get links on irrelevant sites with high DA than links with relevant sites that are low DA?

17:33 Have you had success with broken link building?

25:33 Are there differences in building links in the US vs other countries?

28:57 What are some link building techniques for an industry report?

34:59 What do you think about scholarship links?

37:59 What can we do to build links to industries like sex worker sites?

43:47 Should I submit the same article to multiple sites?

46:09 How can we scale link building?

57:09 If I can only do one thing per week what should I do?

We have started a new season of the longest running series: Show Me The Links.
For the first episode, we were answering questions from the audience (live and submitted through the form.)
We had Debra Mastaler and Garrett French, arguably two of the best experts in the industry.
Hosted by Julie Joyce.

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