Show Me The Links 2.2: Live Q&A – Your Questions Answered

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2:28 Do you think getting good links has gotten harder in the last couple of years? It’s a pretty crowded field, so many people are being bombarded with content, etc?

6:51 Now let’s talk about GOOD links…do they have an immediate impact on rankings?
12:15 Should you try to clean up bad links or just disavow?
12:58 Should you disavow if you aren’t having problems?
14:10 Are there specific types of sites that you don’t reach out to?
20:15 When vetting potential prospect sites, if I don’t see that the site has a blog, media/news/PR page nor resource page then I cross this prospect off my list bc I don’t see a potential page to link from. Do you agree with this? Any other suggestions as to type of page to consider earning a link from?

25:30 How do you track your new links to see when they go live?

29:55 What is the current thinking re doing good link building in general vs. Link building surrounding specific keywords?

32:13 Can you talk more about image links?

36:13 What does the practice of creating “newsworthy” or “link-worthy” content look like in the context of agency / client collaboration? Do most client’s only require some direction and create the content themselves? Or, based on your experience, is most of the heavy lifting as far as content done by the “linkbuilding” agency? Understanding that this will depend on the client, but does one model seem to generally work better?
42:58 When we reach out to bloggers we are constantly told they won’t give a follow link to content due to risk of a google penalty (unless, of course, we pay them.) Have you ever known of any instances where a reviews blog (mommy blog or even a larger site) has been penalised for using follow instead of nofollow? From my perspective if the post isn’t spammy and the content is all relevant, even if there are 10 outbound links to different sites, it really shouldn’t be cause for concern?

46:12 The last link building webinar I attended, all speakers said DA did not matter when acquiring backlinks. I thought a bad DA could hurt your site. Is that not true?
50:40 Should you leave a company who is holding your links hostage by threatning to remove them if you leave?
52:06 What’s the process for identifying a problematic link? Can you just go by numbers?
54:33 How long is the recovery process from disavowing links if you have a link problem?
56:53 Do you ever see any super spammy sites picking up your content and linking to it? Does that worry you?

The second episode in season 2 of the longest running series: Show Me The Links. We will be answering your questions (live and submitted through the form.) Paul Madden, Gisele Navarro, hosted by Julie Joyce, great experts as always!

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