Show Me The Links 2.4: Live Q&A – Your Questions Answered

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2:07 What is the difference between traditional and digital PR?
5:52 Can you be penalized by a link exchange?
7:25 What are the differences between PR, content marketing, and link building?
8:50 Is it ok to buy nofollow links?
11:13 What should you look for in a link provider?
17:10 What are some tips to start building relationships?
19:55 How long does it usually take to create a piece of content for a big campaign?
22:30 Do you use HARO?
24:58 Let’s talk about how you get a campaign started. What are the steps with a new client?
30:36 How long does a content marketing campaign usually take to show results?
33:48 Any tips on collaborating with an outside agency if you’re the SEO manager?
34:41 Do you worry about duplicate content when submitting the same article/press release to multiple sites?
38:30 What would you say is a typical goal for the number of unique linking domains a piece of content should generate ideally?
39:21 Some people say they are satisfied with a social mention or a citation. Are you?
41:54 What are some ways to get links in the B2B finance area?
50:23 We see a lot of agencies saying that their latest content piece got x number of links and y pieces of coverage… what exactly does that mean?
52:11 How can I get an article published in a manufacturing journal?
53:27 What do you think about using the national newswire for PR distribution?
57:21 Do you recommend PRWeb?
57:57 What tools do you use?
1:03:28 If I am handling links on my own with a small budget and I can only do one thing per week what should I do?
1:06:05 What is the most fun campaign you’ve worked on?

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