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Take your brand awareness, engagement and following to the next level with this social media training course!
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0:02 Neal Schaffer
0:23 Course contents
0:51 How to succeed as a social media marketing

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Who is this course for?
Want to discover proven methodologies to grow your social strategy? Then no matter who you are — an SMM newbie, a digital marketing student, a go-to marketer, or even a business owner — this free course is a perfect fit for you. Complete it and you can take your social media marketing to the next level!

About the author
Neal Schaffer is a recognized leader who has helped businesses through their digital transformation of sales and marketing as a global keynote speaker, university educator, social media agency owner, author, and social media strategy consultant. From Fortune 50 enterprises to a Grammy Award-Winning musician, Japanese exporters to niche startups and nonprofits, Neal has helped leading brands of all sizes reach their next level in social media marketing. Learn more about Neal at

Social media is a never-ending experiment, because the users, how they use it, and the functionality provided by social networks is always in flux. Marketers will always need to pivot and continually optimize.

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