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What is Steel Bite Pro?

Everyone has seen at least one or two toothpaste commercials in their lifetime. Most of the time, the advertisers discuss the way that their toothpaste can fight back against gingivitis and erase bad breath. There are kinds of toothpaste that help consumers with sensitive teeth, with yellowed and sane teeth, and with children’s teeth. There are organic formulas, charcoal formulas, and more. The list goes on and on, and the world of oral hygiene continues to put out new products for consumers to brush their teeth daily.

Oral hygiene is a necessity of life – there is no doubt about that. However, are consumers taking care of their mouth in the way they should, or is there more that they could be doing? Thomas Spear – the creator behind Steel Bite Pro – recently had an experience in which he lost a tooth while he was sleeping, only to awake to choke on it. This small event set up a chain reaction, leading Thomas to examine what is happening in the body and how it affects oral health.

Even though the public is continuously told that they need to brush their teeth regularly, floss, and use mouthwash, Thomas states that the reason for deteriorating gums and teeth has to do with the bacteria that is embedded in the mouse. Even with the best cleaning treatments that get into every single area of the mouth are unable to get to the bacteria that Thomas speaks about. By taking the supplement that he is developed, he states that the body can be purged of these toxins, and consumers that once had to deal with constant visits to the dentist may be able to focus on healing the body instead.


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