Steel Bite Pro Review: Scam Complaints and Side Effects List

Steel Bite Pro Review: Scam Complaints and Side Effects List

Steel Bite Pro is a nutritional supplement that claims to eliminate tooth decay and help rebuild gums and teeth by using a nutrient-dense formula that sets out to attack predatory bacteria hidden deep within the mouth and body.

By taking two capsules of Steel Bite Pro before bed every night, users can purportedly stop tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. The makers of Steel Bite Pro claims the supplement is better than implants for managing dental health.

Can a supplement really rebuild your teeth and support oral health? Let’s take a closer look at what Steel Bite Pro is and how it works.

What is Steel Bite Pro?

Steel Bite Pro is a nutritional supplement sold online through The supplement targets various aspects of your oral health.

Using natural ingredients, Steel Bite Pro claims to support a range of powerful oral health benefits. The formula can purportedly rebuild your teeth and gums, such as getting rid of tooth decay while you sleep and eliminating gum disease.

Typically, dentists recommend antibiotics, invasive procedures, or other solutions to cure gum disease. However, Steel Bite Pro seems to suggest it’s a viable alternative to medications and invasive surgeries. Steel Bite Pro’s sales page describes oral surgery as “painful” and “risky,” for example, and seems to advise against it. It also claims the drugs prescribed by your dentist are “dangerous chemical-filled medications” that barely help.
Steel Bite Pro’s sales page is filled with testimonials from customers who have solved severe oral health problems using Steel Bite Pro.

One man claims his gums were “red, swollen and receding,” for example, and that his dentist recommended tartar removal. The tartar removal was painful and provided little relief. That man began using Steel Bite Pro instead. He claims, “it’s like my gums have grown back” and that his “teeth seem whiter too.”
Another customer claims she was “spitting blood every time I brushed” and that her teeth wobbled in her gums every time she brushed. After taking Steel Bite Pro, she claims “everything is fine” and that her “gums are clean and healthy, and no more loose teeth.”

One customer claims Steel Bite Pro even eliminated his cavities after just three weeks. Typically, it would help if you visited a dentist to get rid of cavities, and this would be the first documented case of a supplement fixing cavities.
Meanwhile, Steel Bite Pro’s creator claims his teeth were falling out of his mouth until he started taking Steel Bite Pro. He almost choked to death when his tooth came loose – only to solve his dental crisis by taking Steel Bite Pro.

Obviously, these are some big claims to make. Let’s take a closer look at how Steel Bite Pro works.

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