Structured Data for eCommerce

In this webinar, Paul Lovell is joined once again by Jono Alderson and Martha van Berkel for a deep dive into structured data. They are looking at what types of structured data can be used in the eCommerce industry.

00:00 Introduction
02:24 Martha’s Presentation: Agenda
04:14 Latest Schema Markup News
09:37 Product Model Definitions and Schema Markup Options
16:44 Schema Markup in Analytics
19:30 Schema App eCommerce Solutions & Learning Resources
21:39 Alternative Schema Markup Product Properties Worth Considering
31:40 What is Coming Next in eCommerce Schema?
35:32 Online Marketplaces and Schema-First Data
42:13 Explaining Relationships Between Entities in Separate Pages
46:02 Schema for Discounts and Coupons
46:28 Linking Dynamic Stock Levels with Static Schema Declarations
48:20 Helpful Resources for Semantic Analytics
49:18 Don’t Try to “Market” within Structured Data
51:18 Errors in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool
54:54 Does Structured Data Reveal Too Much Information to Competitors?
56:59 Schema Markup for Services
59:44 Schema is More than Code; It’s Strategy

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