Structured Data for the Knowledge Panel

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In this webinar, Paul Lovell is joined by Jono Alderson and Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) to deep dive into the types of structured data that will help with the Knowledge Panel and brand-related SERPs.

00:00 Introductions
06:46 What is the Knowledge Graph?
08:00 Where Do Knowledge Panels Come From?
09:13 Brand SERPs Explained
13:22 What Google Needs to Understand to Build a Brand SERP
17:20 Educating Google
22:50 Using Schema as a Signpost
25:51 Keeping Google on Track
30:50 Structured Data Provides Control Over Your Entity in Google
33:55 Closing the Loop, Consistency, and Duplication
38:05 Fun Examples
41:27 Recap of Things Worth Remembering About Knowledge Panels
43:10 Can Spammy Websites Get Rich Results?
44:52 Panel Discussion on The Power of Describing Things to Google
49:03 Best Schema Properties for a Personal Brand Website
52:32 Describing Relationships Between Products and Organizations
54:52 Subscriptions Are Coming to
55:53 Reinforcing the Importance of Consistency
57:45 Schema and Web Page Errors and Other Web Page Types
1:00:39 Knowledge Panels vs Google My Business
1:02:24 Schema for Businesses That Operate Both Locally and Nationally

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