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REASON 1: One-Click Connect
Our One-Click Connect technology quickly connects all your video sharing social media accounts by simply clicking on an icon and securely entering your credentials. Now you can publish to multiple accounts at the push of a button!
REASON 2: Connect Multiple Accounts
Have multiple accounts in YouTube or Twitter? Now you can automatically post videos to all your connected accounts within a single website, across 9 video sharing websites and 11 social media websites. The possibilities are endless!
REASON 3: Video Based Campaigns
Easily organize your video syncing campaigns inside your control panel. Keep track of users, videos and entire campaigns, so you can progress without stress, and know exactly what’s happening at a glance.
REASON 4: Title, Descriptions & Keyword Spinner
Worried about posting the same video to multiple sites and accounts, and getting slapped with dupe content penalties? No problem. SyVID can automatically spin your video’s title, keywords and descriptions across each video sharing website, to avoid duplicate issues. This is a great way to test multiple titles, and see which one get the most views, clicks and sales!
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