Technical SEO vs Content Optimization

In our second episode of ‘Engineers vs Marketers’, we are talking about technical SEO vs. content optimization: what does it really take to move the needle? We share thoughts on where to put your focus: crawling, indexing, page speed, mobile functionalities, and all the joys of technical SEO OR content optimization, keyword focus, and on-page SEO. The goal of this webinar is to compare two world views, the results they produce, and help you form your own opinion.

0:00 Topic Overview
1:09 Introduction To Guests
4:14 A Simplified Model for SEO Success
5:19 The Important SEO Questions to Answer
7:19 Getting Technical SEO and Content to Work Together
9:14 Where the Most Impactful SEO Happens
12:57 The Current SEO Landscape
16:56 The Future of SEO
21:02 A Change of Terminology and Removing Conflict
24:25 Is Technical SEO vs Content Optimization Dependent on Website Age?
31:51 The “One Page Per Topic” Debate
34:38 Is Word Count Important?
39:19 SEO for eCommerce
44:30 How to Stay Creative When You’re Focusing on Rules So Much?
48:25 Structured Data Tips
50:47 WordPress Category Pages as Resources
53:24 Internal Linking Tips

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