Technical vs UI/UX

In our third episode of ‘Engineers vs Marketers’, we are talking about technical SEO vs. user experience / interface: do we design for algorithms or humans?
We discuss what it takes to create a good website. We talk about design, usability, and structure. Learn from industry experts and form your own opinion based on the experience and knowledge offered.

00:00 Introduction to Topic and Panelists
04:39 The Evolution of Search Over Time: UX Becoming More Important
12:10 Website Performance, Good User Experience, and UX as a Ranking Factor?
15:41 What Do Our Panelists Think a Good User Experience Means?
18:53 Conflicts Between UX and SEO
24:08 Balancing Google’s Need for Content with What Audiences Need
33:28 Designing Pages: Mobile-First or Desktop-First?
39:10 How to Stay Unique When Good Website Design and Content Is So Accessible?
45:12 Where SEO and UX Intersect
46:45 Getting Backlinks: Importance of Page Design vs Actual Content
52:50 Long-Form/Information Content as Linkable Assets or Ranking in SERPs?
54:30 Future-Proofing Websites with Best Design, UX, and SEO Practices
57:44 Where to Find Our Panelists

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