The Insider’s Guide to SEMrush – Keyword Magic Tool

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In this video, Krista will go through Keyword Magic Tool, arguably the best tool for keyword research.

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0:00 The Insider’s Guide to SEMrush – Keyword Magic Tool
1:18 New Navigation
2:26 Introduction to the KW Magic Tool
4:44 Filter by Question Keywords
5:49 Filter by SERP Features
6:15 Featured Snippet Advanced Filter
7:20 Measuring Keyword Difficulty
7:47 How to Filter by Keyword Difficulty
8:44 Adding to the Keyword Analyzer
10:04 Introduction to the Keyword Analyzer
11:04 Sending KW’s to the Position Tracking tool & PPC Keyword tool
11:48 Updated Metrics in the KW Analyzer
13:10 Multiple KW Tabs
13:49 KW List Limits
15:48 KW Subtopics
17:37 What is Keyword Difficulty?
18:47 How many Keywords are in the KW Magic tool Data Base?
19:47 Where are the Keyword Lists located?
21:14 Can you add Tags to your KW’s in the KW Analyzer?
22:22 What is a long tail Keyword?
22:53 What is the difference between COM. and KW Difficulty?

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