The Real Problems Behind Indexing | 5 Hours of Technical SEO

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Most big brands struggle with getting their content or products into Google’s index. In this session, Bartosz Góralewicz, Nik Ranger, Cindy Krum, and Will Critchlow go over case studies showing all kinds of indexing issues for the world’s biggest brands along with a step-by-step analysis of why these problems happen and how to fix them. Onely’s research around indexing and rendering SEO was published for the first time this year to be later confirmed by Googlers. This session is suitable for both beginners and advanced SEOs.

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00:00 Introduction to the webinar
02:00 Bartosz starts the presentation
05:29 Indexing is way more complex than just crawl budget
07:03 How indexing works
15:13 Rendering — a search engines perspective
18:05 Layout vs Rendering
31:47 Question: In GSC coverage, 70-80% pages are under ‘Excluded’. How to make them ‘Valid’? Categories they’re marked in ‘Discovered – currently not indexed’ & ‘Crawled – currently not indexed’
34:49 Question: How does a headless CMS such as Cockpit fare out for SEO? Has anyone got good or bad experiences from an SEO perspective?
36:47 Question: What are the key red flags you look for with indexing issues?
40:02 Question: What can we do to have the sections at the bottom of pages to be indexed?
49:40 Question: ​Is there any point at all these days to use CSS to put top navigation below the main content in the source code?
52:09 Question: How do you think AMP is impacting mobile-first indexing? Do you recommend making all sites AMP?

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