The reason why Booster Theme is the best Shopify Theme (Booster Theme vs Turbo)

Hey guys, this is Mark from Booster Theme. In this video, I will explain to you why Booster Theme is the best theme you can choose for your Shopify store!

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The booster theme was rebuilt from A to Z in the last year. Booster Theme V5 comes with tons of new features, blazing fast speed, amazing flexibility, and is the most eco-friendly theme for Shopify!

During the last year, we did change our vision on the state of e-commerce. We doubled down on the sustainability of E-commerce for the future and also the eco-responsibility that we all need to take very seriously.

Booster Theme V5 is a completely new theme compared to Booster Theme 3.0, and we are very proud of it because everything about V5 is now better. More flexible than ever with the most advanced mobile responsiveness features on Shopify.

Booster Theme is proud to be faster than every other theme on Shopify. Also, the speed results we were able to produce will be of prime importance from now on. Since May, Google announced that they will take into consideration your website speed using their Page speed insight tool for their SEO algorithm.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Our Vision
1:00 Rebuilding Booster
2:00 Difference between Booster Theme and Turbo
2:40 The problem with most themes
5:00 Flexibility of Booster Theme
6:15 Mobile responsiveness feature
8:05 Blazing Fast Booster Speed compared to “Turbo”
10:20 Booster speed versus Debut speed
12:20 Fully loaded with Apps
14:50 Same theme, multiples styles.
15:15 Booster is Eco-friendly & Sustainable
17:02 Booster will be CO2 Free
19:30 In-theme video tutorial

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