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The Shambala Secret is a manifestation and abundance program that teaches consumers to restructure subconscious thoughts through meditation. The program is entirely digital, and it comes with several bonus audio tracks as a way to calm the mind in the morning, at night, and throughout the day.
What is the Shambala Secret?
Everyone has a sense of feeling out of control sometimes. Some people become envious of the good fortune that others find, wondering why they are unable to achieve the same goals. It can be an overwhelming feeling to lack what someone feels they are owed, but everyone has a chance to make a difference in their own life. Rather than working tireless hours for minimal reward, consumers are invited to see the difference that The Shambala Secret can make.
The powerful program is not meant to create a false sense of hope among individuals that constantly follow manifestation guides with no success. The program itself was developed by someone who was a skeptic of what meditation and changing subconscious thoughts could do to their life. However, after nine days of practicing these methods, they started to have great success in abundance in their own life.
The program begins with 22 minutes of audio the consumers just have to listen to. They don’t have to actively change their diet or invest thousands of dollars in some scheme. Instead, they allow the brain to recreate certain pathways, using a concept called the Conductor to work for them. It allows users to overcome the sense that they may just be experiencing bad luck, transforming their thoughts into hopefulness and abundance. Their consciousness has a major role to play in the path of their life but learning how to understand and direct the Conductor can have an incredible impact. Considering the way that the subconscious can influence many decisions without users even knowing it, some sense of control over it can make a big difference.
Considering how popular manifestation guides are nowadays, the creator expects that she will soon have her own advertisement taken down by individuals with much greater budgets. However, embarking on a short journey with The Shambala Secret now will give users the opportunity to see how their own life can change while they still have a chance to access it.

Even though users will have an entire year to decide if this is the right program for them, the creator is only asking for nine days to see how daily meditation and renewed subconscious thoughts can make a difference.

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