The Worst Technical SEO Nightmares and How to End Them | 5 Hours of Technical SEO

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In this session, Aleyda Solis, Paige Hobart, Paul Shapiro, and David Sayce talk about some of the worst technical SEO nightmares that websites face, the best ways to fix them fast, and how to avoid them.

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00:00 Introduction to the webinar
02:00 Panel introductions
05:32 Aleyda starts the presentation
23:16 You don’t need to implement hreflang in these scenarios
26:00 Leaving the dev environment to be crawlable or relying only on the robots.txt to block it
32:00 Why it’s critical to align SEO within the company’s product triangle
35:41 Free checkers to easily compare rendered vs. raw HTML of your site’s pages
42:00 Q+A
43:00 Question: French news website moved CMS & published a set of draft obituaries of famous people. How do you recover from something like this?
54:10 Question: For the staging, would, instead of noindexing the pages, a 301 redirect for all bots also work?

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