Tinnitus treatment, Sonus Complete review.. Developed by Gregory Peters

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Sonus Complete helps consumers to eliminate the toxins that may prevent them from improving their hearing. None of the ingredients in this product will specifically target hearing, but most of them purge the toxins that can cause the connection between the bra and the rest of the body to be weak. Consumers that want to see a drastic impact on their hearing may need to visit a doctor, but this remedy will support overall health with many safe ingredients.

The Sonus Complete formula’s key is the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other important ingredients. The only benefit that consumers are told to expect is that their hearing health will improve, with the ingredients primarily speaking for themselves.
Everything is combined in a 620 mg proprietary blend, which means that the actual benefits that users can expect from this formula are unclear. In fact, the website only shows how many milligrams a few of the ingredients are included. Still, users will find the following ingredients in this remedy:


Hawthorn Berry

Olive Leaves

Vitamin B3


Vitamin B12

Vitamin B6

Buchu Leaves

Green Tea

Juniper Berry

Uva Ursi

Vitamin C

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