Top 7 Facebook Marketing Strategies & Advertisement Hacks of All Time

Watch the replay of Larry Kim, founder of MobileMonkey, and Payman Taei, founder of Visme, sharing the strategies working in 2020 to improve customer engagement, build a massive lead list, and execute crazy effective Facebook Ad hacks which convert like crazy. Copy the strategies here to recover and expand ROI from your Facebook channel and the Facebook family of apps.
Hosted by Farzad Rashidi.

0:00 Introductions
4:13 Larry Kim’s Definition of a “Hack” and Facebook Ad Costs
5:52 Hack #7: Inverted Unicorn Ad Targeting
8:40 The Magic of Targeting Unrelated Interests in Facebook Ads
14:19 Summary of the Inverted Unicorn Method
15:24 Hack #6: Facebook Ad Web Traffic Bombs
19:21 Hack #5: The Russian Ad Targeting Method
24:08 Hack #4: Only Running Remarketing Campaigns
29:33 How Marketing Really Works
30:32 Hack #3: Reciprocal Marketing
33:26 Hack #2: Using Facebook Messenger Ads
37:53 Hack #1: Facebook Comment Guards
43:00 Creating Visually Engaging Facebook Ads with Visme
49:56 A Question About Audience Size and Reach
53:08 How is Visme Different from Canva?
54:25 Chatbot Marketing Tools
56:28 How Chat Funnels and Comment Guards Work
58:17 Sidestepping Legal Issues in “Risky” Facebook Ads

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