Understanding & Optimizing for the Google Quality Rater Guidelines (E.A.T.)

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2:03 Concept of E.A.T.
3:29 What are the Google Quality Rater Guidelines
4:02 Quality Raters are not Spam Team people
7:34 E. A.T used in the Ranking system
10:50 Food bloggers often go too far into the medical side of diets
11:58 Entity explained by Marie
13:20 Using Yoast plugin to identify author name to Brand name(helps in obtaining Knowledge graph)
15:00 Every post has to have(best practice) BIO of the author and why he/she can write about it
17:28 Personal Authority is the way to go
19:02 How Google measures E.A.T.
23:36 Medic update
31:27 Do your Branded Search, check who is talking about you
35:37 What would self-taught cook has to do to show his/her Expertise
37:34 Guest post is a good place to start your name get recognized (not for links)
47:05 How do we EAT for clients that don’t blog?
50:53 Main and supplementary content
53:25 Should all the posts be 600 words or more?

Recent statements by Google have made it clear that it does use the concept of EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, & Trustworthiness) as a ranking factor. Further, core updates like Medic (among others) have shown that Google is taking a hard-line-view in what they consider quality content, long-term relevance, and bottom-line author credibility.

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