Weekly Wisdom: Nanocasting by Dom O’Neil

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When I started out creating content, I was told that a video for everybody is a video for nobody. The audience is the most important thing when we are storytelling, doesn’t matter if we are telling a huge story in a Hollywood feature or we are telling a short story in a private video message on LinkedIn; we need to know who the audience is, what their pain points are, and what they want.

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Wisdom video from SEMrush. I am Dom O’Neill, and I run a company called Vlogify, and I help businesses make more money using video strategy.

What is Nanocasting?
One of the strategies I like to use is nanocasting. It is sending private video messages to people we know, who like us, who trust us, and who already buy from us. So we are sending private messages to those people, saying the right things at the right time to create a conversation.

We are not selling; we are creating conversations, which can lead to sales.

Who are your Superstar Clients?
For most businesses, especially SMEs, 80% of the income each year will come from 20% of the clients. That 20%, they are the superstar clients. Those are the clients I encourage my clients to do more business with — it makes so much more sense.

Obviously, getting new clients is excellent, but making the most out of our current superstar clients makes perfect sense. They already know us, like us, trust us, and they already have payment processes set up, so they can do business with us easily. It is all about creating content specifically for individuals who are our superstar client.

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