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I need to find all the keywords that my customers are looking for, as well as everything my competitors are ranking for and I need it yesterday. Thankfully, with a couple of tools, it makes it really easy to get this information very quickly. Okay, let me just freshly orientate you with this sheet. Essentially the green tabs here are all of the output tabs you’re gonna use to actually get the information all cleaned and ready to use.
For example, we can see here, we’ve got all the keywords, how difficult they are from a score of zero to one, how many searches every month you’re getting, and then some real basic analysis on how much money we think we’re gonna make from them every month.
Next up, we’ve got seasonality so I can see when I need to post my content based on the month. Then of course, the keyword list itself plus working out if we actually rank for any of these terms or not. For example, this term has got this associated landing page so we’re fine, but you can see all of these terms do not have landing pages so we probably need to make them.
Okay, so let’s get in to how it all works. The first tab is the setup tab. Here, what we want to do is we want to take all of the major keyword categories that we want to rank for. So, this is a home wares brand so what I’m gonna do is take some of their top keyword categories and put them in here. The way that I find keyword categories is really easy. First and foremost, I go to Search Console, the Performance Report, go to queries and then I simple just download their queries.

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