Weekly Wisdom: Time-Saving SEO Hacks by Ross Tavendale

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0:35 How to find all the URLs that have ever existed for a specific website: creating a CSV report based on web.archive.org data
2:00 Importing data from web.archive.org into Google Sheets using some formula magic
3:00 Importing data from Sitemap into Google Sheets
3:20 Add Majestic to the mix: what is the appropriate formula to use in Google Sheets?
4:30 Use add-ons: Supermetrics + SEMrush — “domain organic search keywords” for the win
5:00 Add a pinch of Google Search Console
5:40 Applying the “UNIQUE” formula to have all data in one sheet

Hi guys, it’s Ross here from Type A Media, welcome to another Weekly Wisdom video. Type A Media are known for our four day work weeks, and the way we can get away with that is by cutting out all the fat from our daily processes. So in this Weekly Wisdom video, I am going to go through ways I can save a second here, a minute here, an hour here. With some of these tips and hacks, as well as some tools that we used to kind of cut the fat and get straight to the point — so we can get the data in and analyze it, and more importantly, get it live on our client’s site so we can start ranking them.

So without further ado, let’s get into it. One of the things I find that people spend a lot of time on is finding all the URLs that ever existed for their website. Now typically they may crawl the site to find what is on there and maybe look at the XML site map. They may be jumping to Search Console, have a look at that. Maybe jumping into Majestic to see all the pages with links, and that is cool but what if the client has been migrated like 6 times over the last 12 years? Do you have that data? Is it sitting anywhere? Of course, you could go to something like archive.org, and you could search that and start pulling that out, but that is a bit slow as well, so I am going to show you a really fast way to put all this stuff together.

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