Weekly Wisdom with Amy Bishop: Search Query Mapping

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Hi, I am Amy Bishop. Today, we are going to talk about search query mapping and the importance of it. Search query mapping goes by several different names. I have also heard it called “search queries sculpting” or “keyword sculpting.” Essentially the premise of it is making sure that you are being very intentional about which search terms are mapping to which keywords in which ad groups.

Why Search Query Mapping is Important
Typically, we would build out our ad groups into tightly themed keyword groups. We build out small ad groups based upon the specific theme of the keywords; this way we ensure that every ad we put in that group will be relevant to all of the keywords that are within it. We would think that since we built out our ad groups correctly, using a good structure, that should take care of ensuring that our ads are always relevant to the search query.
What Can Go Wrong

Unfortunately, queries can still accidentally trigger ads from other ad groups, and the most common reasons for this are match types. Phrase match and broad match keywords can map to a lot of different queries, and then also close variants, so even exact match keywords can map to queries that don’t exactly match them.

Let’s look at an example of this. Let’s say the search term is “Dog Toys with Treats.” It could match “Dog Toys Holding Treats”, and it could also match just to simply “Dog Toys” in a modified broad match. We have this search term that is matching two different ad groups.

One ad is likely way more relevant to the search term versus the other because the ad group “Dog Toys with Treats” likely has an ad that is specific to that query. It probably specifically includes the term “Treats”, and it probably leads to a landing page that has dog toys with treats. Whereas the general ad group likely has a more general ad and it probably takes the searcher to a more general landing page that could include a broad scope of toys.

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