Weekly Wisdom with Dan Petrovic: CTR Optimization (Part II)

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After part one in this series, a lot of people asked about what tool I used — it is you.algoroo.com. That is also the free tool we used for the CT analysis in this case. The website we are looking at today is collectiveray.com. We will be analyzing its CTR, finding anomalies, and looking for ideas for CTR experiments.

CTR Analysis
After processing the data in Algoroo, we found the site-specific CTR averages for collectiveray.com for non-branded queries only. The reason we did non-branded queries is that branded queries have abnormally high CTRs, and we didn’t want them contributing to our site averages. Why is it useful to know the site averages? Well, that is the only way to detect any anomalies. And when analyzing click-through rates, it is good to know when something underperforms or over performs above the expectation.
The first exercise is to find if there is anything that deviates negative or positive. Here is our data sample:

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