Weekly Wisdom with Jason Barnard: Google Ads for Brand Searches

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0:22 Your brand SERP is your new homepage
1:00 Who is looking for your brand? How can you control what they see using Google Ads?
1:45 Main aim #1: Dominate the SERP
2:00 Main aim #2: Convert valuable leads
2:10 Main aim #3: Control the brand message
3:00 When your competitors are bidding on your brand keywords, they are obviously lacking your QS and ad relevance. They have a smaller CTR and their CPC can be up to 10x higher
4:40 Make sure you have trademarks
5:08 Improving your ads relevance with types of KW match and localization
5:40 Improving your LP experience. Consider using dedicated LP!
7:08 Improving your CTR. Use extensions: Call-outs, Site Links, Call and App extensions, Structured Snippet, Location, and more!
9:01 Choose your bidding strategy wisely. Create a specific audience in Google Analytics and pull it into Google Ads
11:11 Closing thoughts

In local search, a lot of the time people don’t click through to your website. They never see your website, so Google’s search result becomes your homepage. You could also say it is your business card because people are going to search your brand before doing business with you and what they see on that SERP will affect the way they feel about you in a similar manner to the way a business card will function.

Now, who is searching for your brand? Prospects, clients, investors, partners, journalists, job candidates, subscribers, many others. They are searching for your brand name because they are ready to do business with you. What they see on that brand SERP is phenomenally important to whether or not they take that final step. Google Ads is the easiest place to start because you control what it shows, and it is right at the top. With the other elements on that brand SERP, you can influence it. That is what I do for a living. But you can’t control them directly. So, Google Ads is always a good place to start.

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