Weekly Wisdom with Ross Tavendale: How to Discover the ROI of SEO

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So we have all been there, right? Senior stakeholders are wondering how to allocate marketing spend for the new financial year, and you are left to work out the market size and potential SEO opportunity for the entire company. Oh, and you have got one week to do it.

So, what do we do in this scenario? Well, we work out some smart ways to understand the size of the market, your core competitors, and the potential traffic and revenue we can drive from good, implemented SEO strategy. Very simply, we are going to use the Supermetrics plugin for Google Sheets and the SEMrush API to get some top-level information to get a rough idea of what we can do for these senior stakeholders. So, you ready? Let’s get into it.

Top-Level Search Landscape
All right so the output for this particular Weekly Wisdom, all we want to see is the current state of play. So I want to see the top-level search landscape. Where do you rank? A cut by numbers. A deep dive into the rankings, And just a screenshot from SEMrush’s audit tool.

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