What is CRM?

https://instapage.com/marketing-dictionary/crm – The main goal of modern, digital marketing is to directly target your audience, to speak to their needs and desires. A lot of thought and effort has gone into creating processes that enable marketers to do this. The blanket term that attempts to describe this is Customer Relationship Management, or CRM.

You know what it’s like when you’re tuned into a program and they break for ads. Over the next several minutes you’re asked to buy cat food (you don’t have a cat), you’re told that your car needs a new new muffler (you don’t have a car), and that kids love brand X peanut butter over brand Y. (You don’t have kids and you have a nut allergy.) It’s in moments like these that you wonder what the heck is wrong with advertising.

What the makers of cat food, mufflers, and peanut butter need is a Customer Relationship Management system (that, and a digital marketing team). Trouble is, companies that spray ads scatter-shot generally don’t know what Customer Relationship Management even is.

What they need is a guy like, Stefano Mazzalai, Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Instapage, to explain what CRM is to them and why they need it, like he does in this video. Learn from Stefano the meaning of the term and why CRM is a vital part of any good marketing campaign.

Speaking marketing requires that the speaker understands the concepts that are unique to marketing. In this video Instapage breaks down the definition of the industry’s key terms into real world definitions as provided by some of the most influential players in the digital and tech marketing industry.

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