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0:05 Why is link building important?
0:53 Bad links
2:00 Building links based on content
2:17 Broken link building
2:53 Unlinked mentions

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Link building is one of the most important ongoing tasks you’ll work on as part of any SEO campaign. It’s the process of getting other websites to link to your site – yes, it’s tough. It takes time and lots of effort, but remember – inbound links are the most weighted relevancy signal in Google’s algorithm.

You want real, editorial links – the ones you get because you’ve got valuable, informative content. Other sites see the value, and know their users would benefit, so they link to you.

Most of the time, it’s harder than that – you’ve got to do a lot of manual outreach, so that other sites will see your content and give you that coveted link.

You definitely want to avoid any link building processes or sources that would give you a bad link (so you’ll want to avoid everything we talked about in the “bad links” lesson). You’ll want to stay away from:

* Buying links
* PBNs or link wheels
* Press releases (as a link building tactic)
* Article spinning/article directories
* Forum spam
* Blog comment spam

When you’re ready to start a link building campaign, you’ll need to start with a solid analysis of both your own links and your competitors’. Identify opportunities, then consider the assets at your disposal. Think about the content that you’re able to create, the data the business has available, the products the business sells, or even the people who work there.

At a high level, you’ll create your linkable asset, making sure it’s well-optimized. You’ll identify sites that could potentially link to that content, or influencers who’d be interested. Then it’s all about outreach – you’ve got to let those sites or influencers know about your content and why you think they’d find it interesting or valuable.

If you’re building links based on content, that could be any of the following:

* Text content
* Images
* Videos
* Infographics
* Whitepapers
* Guides

Broken link building is also an effective strategy. Sites change and pages disappear all the time – with this strategy, you’re looking for high quality, authoritative pages that have links pointing to pages that no longer exist – that’s called a brokenlink. Then, you go and create a new piece of content that answers the same question or need. You reach out to the website and let them know that the link on such and such a page is broken, but you’ve got a brand new page that would work instead… and boom! Kickass quality link.

Unlinked mentions are a valuable link building strategy as well. You simply look for any sites online that mention your company, but don’t link to your site. You contact the website and ask nicely if they’ll add a link to your site so their users can check you out. Most of the time, it’s incredibly easy to add links with this method (assuming your company is mentioned on other sites).

It’s important to understand how the business is involved in the community as well – whether it’s local sponsorships, charity work, business associations, or clubs, there are usually tons of link building opportunities based off of relationships that already exist, or things that the business is already doing.

Once you’ve compiled your list of targets and opportunities, you get to work. Create the content, do your outreach, get the links. It’s a never-ending process, just rinse and repeat every few months.

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