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You will learn how to optimize a site to show up in searches in a particular geographic area.
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0:05 Why is local SEO important?
1:17 Local SERPs
2:11 Proximity as a ranking factor

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Many marketers don’t realize that Google actually has a separate algorithm for local results, which means local SEO is different from traditional SEO. Google gets trillions of search queries to analyze, and it has determined that for certain types of searches, users need results that are nearby, even if they didn’t include a geo-modifier in their search query.

With Local SEO, you’re optimizing a site to show up in searches in a particular geographic area. The best example of the local algo in action is pizza. Let’s say your sitting in your office, and you want to order a pizza. You type 2 words into Google – “pizza delivery” – and you get a list of pizza places that are near your office.

Later that night, maybe you’re a huge pizza fan and you want more, so when you get home, you type the same 2 words into Google – “pizza delivery” – and the search results are completely different. That’s the local algorithm at work.

If you’re not sure that Local SEO applies to you, the best way to check is to search for a few of your most important keyword phrases – make sure you’re only searching the phrase and not including any city or geo terms.

If any of the search results display a map pack, then boom – you need local SEO. Sure, there’s a lot of overlap between regular SEO and Local SEO, but if you’re working on a site that pulls local SERPs, you’re going to get much better results if you do local SEO.

Local SEO is a more difficult, because additional signals come into play. Since Google is trying to show the best possible results in a particular area, location signals are key. You also have to put a local focus on your content and link building efforts.

Thanks to algorithm updates over the last few years, one of the most important ranking signals is having a physical address in the city or region being searched. If you don’t have a physical storefront in the city, it’s pretty much impossible to show up in any map pack for searches in that city.

Local SEO is also difficult because proximity is one of the most weighted ranking factors. While it’s not the ultimate end-all, be-all factor, it’s powerful enough to drastically change search results for users that are only a few blocks apart.

In the other lessons in this section, we’ll explain how the signals for local are different from traditional and what you’ll need to do to optimize your site if it’s targeting the local area.

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