Youtube Live Like A Pro With Rob Balasabas

Youtube Live Like A Pro With Rob Balasabas

Have you always wondered what does it take to create professional YouTube Livestreams like your favourite creators?

Join YouTube expert Rob Balasabas and host Steve Dotto for a LIVE masterclass exclusively for our InVideo Fam where they’ll show you everything you need to know to get your started!

What you’ll learn:

✅ Why is Youtube Live Such A Great Opportunity For You Today? – 2:30
✅ What’s The Best Way To Broadcast A Perfect Livestream? – 5:09
✅ What Content Buckets Are Best Suited For Livestreams? – 11:31
✅ Why Are Time Stamps Important For Your Audience? – 15:35
✅ What Are Rob’s Criteria For Streaming Live Or Doing A Pre-Recorded Session? – 20:44
✅ Rob’s Toolkit For Live Streaming. – 22:53
✅ What Are The Pros And Cons Of Multicasting From YouTube? – 29:30
✅ What Should Be The Analytics To Look At To Determine A Successful Livestream? – 38:42
✅ How can you leverage your YouTube live streams long after they premiered? – 40:53
✅ BONUS: The biggest mistake that’s stopping you from creating gold-standard live streams. – 45:33

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