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Before the Zapable we all need to know what, is it?
Zapable is all-in-one mobile app development software that will help you build awesome apps in minutes without requiring you to have any knowledge about complex coding. The easy drag and drop option will help you use Zapable with ease. It also has options to choose different font and colours.
Below we tried to cover complete details about Zapable.
Zapable Features
Sell Digital Products in App with Zap Digital: with help of Zapable you can sell your digital products like Online Courses, E-books, PDF, etc.
2. Sell E-com in App with Zap E-Com: If you have an e-commerce store website but you don’t have an e-commerce app, so don’t worry here you can make your e-com mobile application using the Zap E-Com. Now you can sell your product using a website, app and can double your revenue.
3. Membership Apps – Sell Access to Membership App: You can also sell the membership plan for your customers.
4. Take Payments in App: You don’t need to buy any payment getaway because Zapable provides the inbuilt payment option in the application.
5. Push Notification: Every business owner loves push notification because push notification increases sales.
6. Create Instant Mobile Apps: The best thing is about Zapable you can instantly make your application without any coding knowledge.
7. Automated Apple Submission: We all know that after the making application we need to submit it on Stores like App Store and Play Store but the problem is we need to pay money to submit apps in store but in the Zapable we don’t need to pay any cost to submit an application on apple store. After the marketing app, it will submit in-store automatically.
8. Submit to Google Play / Android: You can submit your application on Google Play Store automatically or free.
9. Digital Loyalty Cards: It’s a QR code scanning” enabling digital loyalty cards and employee control customization inbuilt.
10. Audio Integration: It means you can integrate the sound/ music from Apple iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, or other applications.
11. Video Gallery: Zapable provides the Video Gallery inbuilt which means you can share your amazing videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and many popular video platforms.
12. Image Gallery: In the Zapable you can Showcase beautiful images of client’s businesses’ services absolutely free.
13. Discount Coupons: You can also provide discount coupons to your customers to increase your sales.
14. Real Estate Listings: If you are running a real estate business online, you have a website but you don’t have a mobile application so, here you make your real state mobile application and do a real state listing.
15. Folders (Working Title): You can also create unlimited categories and subcategories in your mobile apps.
16. Maps: In the map section you can share your business location with a single click. This is a very helpful full feature for business owners.
17. Form Builder: For collecting the customers lead and details we need a form, so here in Zapable you create fully customizable forms to collect clients leads, quotes, data, etc
18. QR Coupons: QR coupons are very helpful for customers because they Encourage repeats business by offering ‘Easy Scan’ QR coupons. Also, encourage people to download your app.
19. Full Customisable Design – Drag n Drop: Creating an application using Zapable is very easy because here you can use pre-made templates that are easy to customize.
20. Multiple App Menu Layout Options: You can re-create your application menu layouts with the help of Zapable lightning-fast and a user-friendly interface.
21. Client White Label Members Area: Zapable Offer Clients their own private login space with your company branding (This is the Part of the Upsell).
22. Restaurant Apps + Food Menus: If you are running a restaurant business then Zapable provides a dedicated restaurant mobile application with food menus. Now you can imagine how easy to make a restaurant app in Zapable.
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